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EcoDurable ProductsTM by Colnuck LTD
Our line of EcoDurable Products™ includes:

Grocery bags
Completely customizable bags with a large variety of options.The most common bag choices for grocery bags are Polyfabric™ carry bags, OPP film bags, insulated bags and foldable box bags.

Retail bags
Customizable bags that are typically used in malls and specialty stores and boutiques. Polyfabric™ carry bags, 6 bottle bags, eyelet bags, OPP film bags,and PET bags are the most common style of bag used for retail bags.

Gift bags
Stylized customizable bags usually made out of Polyfabric™. Drawstring tops or rope handles are a popular choice for these bags. *Please note drawstrings are not available on OPP Film artwork and PET bags.

Insulated bags
Custom bags that help maintain the temperature of the contents in the bag. (hot or cold up to 3 hours) These bags can be made of Polyfabric™, or Polyester and have many closure options and formats. Some of the options include clamshell and pinch top bags that use zippers or velcro for closures.

Courier bags
These custom padded or unpadded bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some have front flaps or zipper closing tops but all of them use one handle instead of 2. This handle can be adjustable or a fixed size and is attached to the sides of the bag instead of the front and back of the bag. These bags are usually made out of Polyfabric™.

Seasonal bags
Custom bags that come in all shapes and sizes and usually are used for holiday occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

Generic bags
We Stock some generic bags for smaller or rush orders. Please check with us for the available sizes and colors. For bags with generic artwork click here to see what we have for sale.

Miscellaneous items
Products like business portfolios, backpacks, newspaper holders, pencil cases, suit bags, aprons, place mats, bibs and many other custom items can be made from our offered materials. Please feel free to ask about any custom items you may need.

Add-ons and Features
Our bags are not only customizable by size and type, but also, have many optional features. See the feature list below for items to added to your bag:

- Inside pockets
- Front, back or side pockets
- Outside Bottle Pockets
- Inside bottle Pockets ( up to 6 bottle foldable pockets)
- Pencil holder
- Business card window pocket
- Cell phone Pocket

- Folding pocket Closure
- Snaps
- Velcro
- Zippers

Tags and hooks
- Custom sew tags
- Barcode
- QR Code
- Hanging hook

Inner materials
- Padding
- Insulation
- PE or cardboard inserts

Handle Options
- Eyelets
- Extended handles
- Adjustable Handles
- Tapered handles
- PP Rope
- Drawstring (Not available on PET or OPP Film bags)
- PET or Polyfabric™ OPP Film handles (Only available on PET or OPP Film bags)